God in a boat with a balloon

June 7, 2010By Alice Ratterree

or: “Trail” Well, I just had to deviate from my one-word blog titles. Last week, my son (age 3) drew an image on paper with pencil. I asked him what it was and he said, “It’s God on a boat…with a balloon.” I fell in love with this idea and it became my submission for … Read More


May 31, 2010By Alice Ratterree

Illustration Friday. I couldn’t resist the obvious… the sneaky reptile. The original reptile that slithered its way into Eve’s heart apparently slithered its way into mine and begged to be my subject.


May 25, 2010By Alice Ratterree

I stumbled across a site called “illustration friday.” Each week, an inspiration word or phrase is posted. Artists are then called to render their interpretations by the next Friday. I love this. It keeps me thinking and moving forward with something in between projects. Not to mention the accumulation of potential portfolio material. This week’s … Read More


March 12, 2010By Alice Ratterree

Another start to this idea of a nursery rhyme series that keeps nagging at me. I’m not sure why I am so obsessed with taking these little nuggets and fleshing them out. Perhaps it’s because environments have been the biggest challenge for me as a visual artist. These poems are mostly focused on the character, … Read More


January 19, 2010By Alice Ratterree

The drawing came about simply from a project for a marketing agency, but it’s made me consider the true meaning of “identity” Webster describes two aspects of “identity”: 1) the distinguishing character or personality of an individual (what I always tend to relate to “identity”) 2) sameness of essential or generic character in different instances … Read More


December 1, 2009By Alice Ratterree

Continuing to pursue painting in photoshop, alternating my use of layers. Applied a thicker top layer to this character, relying less on the drawing and resulting in a truer “painting” experience.


November 11, 2009By Alice Ratterree

Tonight I dove back into characters. Bright, warm, sunny children – not taking myself too seriously. I had a blast. Normally I like to post finished work, but the rough in-progess stage has an appeal too, and sometimes makes me hesitate to go further. But I will.


November 6, 2009By Alice Ratterree

I embarked on a fun project a few years ago for Clemson University’s “Tri-Art” program, an outreach initiative to bring the three performance arts (drama, dance and music) into local schools. The client wanted one character that somehow represented all three disciplines, so I created a little girl who wants to do it all. Striking … Read More


November 3, 2009By Alice Ratterree

OK so I’m in the throws of building a web site. That’s a very accurate term…”building” a site. It is true construction. There’s first a site, with a “domain” name, for your “home” page, then entryways to other rooms containing all sorts of treasures of information. And there has to be a certain feng shui … Read More