The drawing came about simply from a project for a marketing agency, but it’s made me consider the true meaning of “identity”

Webster describes two aspects of “identity”:

1) the distinguishing character or personality of an individual (what I always tend to relate to “identity”)

2) sameness of essential or generic character in different instances

So not only is identity about uniqueness, something distinguishing that sets us apart from others, but also about consistency of that uniqueness.
Identity is something everyone searches for at come point. Some people actually think they find it, but I think we can never really know the uniqueness of our own identity since we live it all the time. What may be unique about me to someone else, I’ve lived with my entire life, maybe even have loathed that about myself and tried to purge it, or think it just mundane and average.
And then there’s the consistency factor, which I find terribly difficult. I only want to keep consistant that which are good traits, and to break the consistency of my not-so-good qualities. So I find myself alot of times being very inconsistent.
Therefore, do I have an identity?

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