“Space” – a silhouette process using Adobe Illustrator

June 13, 2021By Alice Ratterree

We’ve been talking a lot about personal space this year….6 feet apart, quarantine, masks, face shields. How physically close do we need to be to feel connected? How much physical distance does it take before we start feeling alone and isolated? It’s kind of fitting this piece is called “Space.” A silhouette drawing is mainly … Read More

News: Let’s blog hop around the world…

December 19, 2014By Alice Ratterree

This week, I am joining an international blog hop. So what ever is a blog hop anyway? you might ask….It’s is a way of blogging in which one blogger introduces a topic of conversation and then invites another to continue the conversation the following week on their own blog, who then in turn invites someone … Read More

What size should I illustrate my children’s book?

June 6, 2014By Alice Ratterree

So you’re going to illustrate a children’s book. Congratulations! Before you grab a brush and start on a piece of finished art, a few decisions must be made. To name a handful : how many pages/spreads there are, where the type needs to be placed (this may be flexible), color or black and white, spot illustrations (small drawings that stand … Read More