“Space” – a silhouette process using Adobe Illustrator

June 13, 2021By Alice Ratterree

We’ve been talking a lot about personal space this year….6 feet apart, quarantine, masks, face shields. How physically close do we need to be to feel connected? How much physical distance does it take before we start feeling alone and isolated? It’s kind of fitting this piece is called “Space.” A silhouette drawing is mainly … Read More

Using Life’s Inspiration for Your Art

April 22, 2021By Alice Ratterree

The idea of students walking to school probably brings into mind the old cliché stories of our grandparents – “When I was your age, I used to walk 5 miles to school in the snow!” (That gap between home and school proudly growing larger each time the tale is delivered) We may also regard walking … Read More


February 14, 2019By Alice Ratterree

Steps to making an illustration. (The following example was created for TOWN magazine) 2. sketch concept ideas (this was an editorial work, so I worked on the sketch digitally in Photoshop using brush tool, within the pre-determined layout of the page)  3. after determining which concept to follow (in this case, I chose #2 – … Read More

Dangerous Jane selected for Illinois Reads

December 20, 2018By Alice Ratterree

Dangerous Jane has been selected for the 2019 Illinois Reads program in the grades 3-5 category! Sponsored by the Illinois Reading Council, this program is a yearly statewide project aimed to encourage Illinoisans to read books by Illinois authors. Congratulations, Suzanne Slade! See my post about illustrating Jane Addams Dangerous Jane sample interior: Learn more about: Illinois Reads Peachtree Publishers

Illustrating “The Princess and the Pea” using life reference process

December 13, 2018By Alice Ratterree

I recently posted about illustrating nonfiction and the use of reference and historical photos during the process, but what about fiction? It is still just as vital to use live reference when illustrating a work of fiction. Illustrations don’t necessarily have to be “right”, they just have to be believable. But in order for them to be believable, … Read More

Thursday Sketch 1-25

January 27, 2018By Alice Ratterree

Diving into Commedia dell’arte character studies…Harlequin, or Arlecchino (Italian) was a very popular stock character in the zanni category. Zanni were typically a pair of servants to an upperclass couple. Arlecchino is known for his wit, physical agility and a cunning ability to outsmart his master.  

Illustrating Nonfiction: My Journey with Jane Addams

September 5, 2017By Alice Ratterree

If you are into girl power, then it doesn’t get any better than Jane Addams. I shamefully admit that I knew very little of this renegade change agent before author Suzanne Slade’s manuscript, Dangerous Jane (2017, Peachtree Publishers), landed in my studio, and I will forever be thankful she has come into my life. For those … Read More


November 4, 2016By Alice Ratterree

This weekend, many Greenville artists (including me!) will open their studios to the public for the Metropolitan Arts Council’s annual Open Studios event. You will be able to come visit our workspace, learn about our process and have the opportunity to buy local art. Please come visit me and painter Jacki Newell at White Whale … Read More

Yosemite National Park and THE WOLF KEEPERS

October 11, 2016By Alice Ratterree

Today marks the release of THE WOLF KEEPERS, my most recent illustration project by author Elise Broach, published by Henry Holt and Co. You can read more about the book and see some sample interior illustrations in my last blog post, “THE WOLF KEEPERS: Book Release”. One of the most enjoyable moments I had bringing this book to life was creating the setting … Read More