Another start to this idea of a nursery rhyme series that keeps nagging at me. I’m not sure why I am so obsessed with taking these little nuggets and fleshing them out. Perhaps it’s because environments have been the biggest challenge for me as a visual artist. These poems are mostly focused on the character, that giving them a stage to play it out in is what is driving me forward. I guess that’s the old theatre gal in me that won’t let that go…driving toward just what are the intentions of, and the story behind these odd anonymous characters…

Why did Little Bo Peep loose her sheep? (better yet, why are they horrifically missing their tails)

What if Jack and Jill were fetching water up an icy hill in a snowstorm, rather than the blustery spring day we always tend to think of? Giving more reason to why Jack can’t keep his footing and making their venture more futile than ever.

What is Mistress Mary really up to?

Why does Jack want to jump over that candlestick?

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  • Lovely drawing, and I really appreciate what you have to say about "environments". I'm not a theater person, and I love people, but have a very hard time with the "rest" of the picture–the setting, environment, etc.–and narrative. I love this picture because of the story it tells–mostly in her face.

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