I stumbled across a site called “illustration friday.” Each week, an inspiration word or phrase is posted. Artists are then called to render their interpretations by the next Friday.

I love this. It keeps me thinking and moving forward with something in between projects. Not to mention the accumulation of potential portfolio material.

This week’s challenge is “early.” Tough, because it’s hard to resist the gravitation towards sunrises, birds and worms.

Last Friday, my son and I made pancakes, as is our usual Friday tradition (fitting that we do that on Friday….) Anyway, I ended up with more batter than I intended and tried to stack them on top of each other and create a collossal tower of pancakes.

They toppled over before I ever made it this high, but it still amazed my 3 year old.


  • Hi Alice. So glad you submitted this! It is so original and so beautifully done. Love the tone and the layout. Illustration Friday is like my relaxation time between projects. Like you… it keeps the mind fresh and the creative juices flowing.

  • Totally in agreement with you! Illustration Friday is very refreshing… like your work. I love it!

  • Amazing illo and style!Saw your blog and web site,you are a great artist:)

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