Patience with Foliage

August 14, 2012By Alice Ratterree

It is really hard to have patience when trying to capture foliage. There so much out there with such variety of distinct personalities that if that is the only subject you focused on, you would have enough work to tackle over the course of multiple lifetimes. I didn’t really have the patience this morning with … Read More

The flower keeper

August 12, 2012By Alice Ratterree

Our front yard hosts an enormous, borderline obnoxious, hydrangea bush that sports hearty bulbs every year. In addition, the back yard invites our neighbor’s hydrangeas to escape through the fence and live with us for a season. My mother in law has this magical ability to pick these flowers. Well, let me clarify that, because I … Read More

Petite Painting Project

August 10, 2012By Alice Ratterree

The prevailing lesson I walked away from the conference was ths: I must spend less time on more drawings. I have been agonizing over individual pieces, trying o make them p.e.r.f.e.c.t. when I just need to keep my hand moving daily in a forward direction. The portfolio pieces will arise out of this daily exercise. … Read More