So I’m working on a collaborative book for the Upstate Book Project ( The first page was given by Chuck Bailie ( and then sent in progession to 19 other artists/writers. I’m page 13. By the time I received it, Graycie (the main character who lives in a world void of color) had just freed a hoard of cats from a world of color by way of a broken mirror in her bedroom. So I’ve been drawing cats. Cats. And more cats. And you know what? Cats are pretty expressive and fascinating creatures to illustrate. Who knew? I usually shy away from animals and am drawn towards people. If it hadn’t been for this project, I know I wouldn’t have spent a week drawing cats. Thanks, Upstate Book Project, for reminding me to venture outside of my comfort zone.

Above image is the pencil draft of page 13….with 8 cats!

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