"Who's afraid of the dark?" illustration by Alice Ratterree
“Who’s afraid of the dark?”
illustration by Alice Ratterree

You know that 5 minute window before you actually wake up and are a bit lucid, but still kind of dreaming too? Well, this is a result of that state, the season, and perhaps also as an homage to the dark children’s books frequently produced by French publishers, which I am continuously fascinated by. Take a look at some of these titles to soothe your little one to sleep:

"The weight of grief"
“The weight of grief”
illustration by Roxanne Marie Galliez
The silent child
“The silent child”
illustration by Benjamin Lacombe
“My first nightmare”
illustration by Mandine Selma

And my personal favorite,

“The visit of little death”
illustration by Kitty Crowther

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Today’s illustrator of the day is Benjamin Lacombe. 

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