So this is the SCBWI National conference. Just so you get the picture. I get off the plane, head for the super shuttle and who is sitting next to me? Deborah Underwood, author of The Quiet Book. This sweet, gentle comforting book that has soothed me in the evenings as much as (or maybe more than) my two children. Just last week Helen (my two year old) took the initiative to select it out of her library as her companion on the sofa, translating the words into her 2 year old vocabulary (I love that sound. Is there a way to keep it around forever?)
This is the essence of the magic in coming here. Meeting these people who have already been a part of your life in such a special way before you even get the chance to shake hands and exchange names.
I just finished a breakout session with Melissa Sweet. How many hours have I spent on the floor with Charlie playing the Life On Earth memory game lovingly embraced by her images? How many times during these games have I sat staring at each precious square wondering how she created this color or that texture? And now I know from the source.
Thank you, SCBWI!

With Deborah Underwood

With Melissa Sweet

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