Doodle + Final

April 30, 2012By Alice Ratterree

This is just a doodle I created for my old blogger address as a visual to tell people that I am  now located here at It was only meant to stay a rough, but I decided to flesh it out into a final spot art piece and submit it to SCBWI’s art spot column. I … Read More


December 8, 2011By Alice Ratterree

So I’m working on a collaborative book for the Upstate Book Project ( The first page was given by Chuck Bailie ( and then sent in progession to 19 other artists/writers. I’m page 13. By the time I received it, Graycie (the main character who lives in a world void of color) had just freed … Read More

Process: Step 3 (final highlights)

November 10, 2011By Alice Ratterree

The last step utilizes the top layer to create the finishing highlights and details. Keep in mind that painting over the drawing will cover lines and texture. It’s perfect for achieving highlights and areas that need to really pop out. Really only a few touches, but it usually makes a world of difference. Since most … Read More

Process: Step 2 (color foundation)

November 9, 2011By Alice Ratterree

Now that I have my pencil layer complete, I need to make one final step in setting up the document for color. If needed, I make sure the image size matches the output resolution requirement for printing (usually I have to scale down a bit), keeping in mind any bleed areas. The document is not … Read More

Process: Step 1 (a+b)

November 8, 2011By Alice Ratterree

a) I start the old fashioned way: just pencil to paper. I draw and draw and draw until I get it the way I want it. I don’t even think about color or texure. Just line and composition at this point. In the end I have something like this. This is definately the hardest and … Read More

My Illustration Process

November 8, 2011By Alice Ratterree

Ok, before I go any further I must step back a bit and talk about process. My process came about due to necessity rather than by an artistic decision. I was asked to illustrate a book while I was in the midst of moving. And I had a two year old. So I really didn’t … Read More


October 22, 2011By Alice Ratterree

I’m starting to think like a pop-up book. Line defining space rather than mass. Here’s a preliminary practice work for an illustration of the first paragraph of “Alice in Wonderland.” This is Alice. I want to create a world that is 2D and 3D at the same time. Flat figures and objects arranged in 3 … Read More